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Giving 24/7 365. Thank you for your service and sacrifice ... then and now..

Our vision

Ensure that all U.S. Servicewomen transitioning, separated, or retired are afforded the opportunity to live their post-military lives with dignity, work productively, and to embrace their military service with pride.  

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Our Mission

... is to build a holistic world-class support service and network where U.S. servicewomen and women veterans are fully empowered to achieve their dreams and goals.   


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Our Goal

Ensure that every U.S. servicewoman has a female-friendly space and community forum in which to effectively move from the structure, unique culture, and personal impact of their time in military service to the differently structured, nonmilitary culture of the civilian world.

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Our Plan

Create a nationwide network of near-base and community-anchored women-centric service centers affording holistic hands-on support to frame, or reframe, and advance the civilian lives of our returning U.S. servicewomen and women veterans. 

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The Marine who never quits teaching and giving.  Kate Hendricks Thomas, Ph.D., USMC, Veteran

plan components - our what

Women-Centric Facilities

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Adjacent to installations, these will be spaces for mingling, talking, studying, learning, childcare, and relaxing.  Space in which to coach, teach, construct, and polish. Spaces for finding and sharing friendship and support.

Community Building Events

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Hosting community building events including career and personal growth workshops: Where Yes and No Don't Mean It,  Networking (When You Hate It), Family Dynamics Now, Cooking for Those Who Can't, and sharing  simple pleasures like movie nights, and cookouts.


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Individual one-to-one relationships, and small groups coaching where coaches listen deeply, empower and inspire, and are judgement-free confidential resources focused on helping Sheroes to discover their personal choices and their next stage.

Education & Training

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Career and skills training workshops  including Writing a Real Resume, Interview Planning and Rehearsals, Employer Presentations, Jobs Skills Training, Education Enrollment Support. 


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Partnering with other Veteran Service Providers, YNS will work in partnership with every available organization, service and company committed to supporting our returning military personnel.

Referral Network

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YNS will be a part of a technologically-integrated service network where each provider meets specific needs.  Sheroes will never walk alone, but will be guided to and through the right network to meet her needs.

our when and where

The need is now ... right now as approximately 20,000 women transition annually from the US military into civilian life.  

YNS is working in partnership with a major academic institution to ensure that our initial launch of a three-year pilot is a record-breaking institution-creating success.  Our partnership involves 

  • the identification of the ideal location (and we do have one in mind), 
  • the creation of quantifiable metrics with which to measure our impact at that location, and
  • the codification and authorship of every policy and procedure required to sustain and expand.


We fully anticipate that during the pilot, YNS and its partners will undergo academic and clinically valid assessments of the entire YNS program.  While we are intellectually certain of the need for and value of our approach, we are humble enough to learn and hopefully will be gracious with what we learn.  

We are fully aware that funding comes with proof of concept and understand that the planned scope of YNS is unique.  YNS believes that our proposed approach -- holistic, community-based and integrated with other partners -- will be substantially greater than the sum of its parts. We invite all who are interested in investing in a system designed to support our women who serve and who have served this great country to be in touch with us; to contribute to YourNexStage so that we can move our Sheroes to Success.


Long Term Objectives

What Separates Us

The first and only female-exclusive Center and Network for US Servicewomen

Holistic approach supporting the whole woman

Serving both transitioning and separated military women

Motivational moments

We fell in love with this message.  Thank you Adam Roe for great work!

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Board of Directors

Althea Green, PhD, CSM USA (Ret.)



Director, Recruitment and Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2) 

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD  


 After 35 years of active duty and retiring as a CSM, Dr. Green (formerly Dixon) continues to serve at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. In addition to overseeing recruitment operations at the School of Medicine, she is director of the Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2). The EMDP2 provides enlisted service members with science coursework, clinical experience, and mentoring so they can be competitive applicants to medical school. The EMDP2 is the first program of its type within the Department of Defense, and to date, over 90% of its graduates have been accepted to medical school. 

Tamarra Causley Robinson



 Founder and CEO of Causley Robinson &  Associates, Tamarra is a Life Coach, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Facilitator.  


 A veteran of Price Waterhouse Cooper and the New York City commute, Tamarra  transitioned internally from the world of IT to the role of Senior Manager of Diversity.  Then, taking a leap of faith and following her passion,  Tamarra left PWC to build her multi-faceted coaching practice, always encouraging women to re-discover their voice, make courageous choices, and to boldly take charge of their lives and careers one DARE at a Time!  Learn more about Tamarra and her coaching at

Alisha Willis, NASA, USAF Veteran



Founder and CEO of Igniting Fire Coaching and  NASA in Human Resource Development

Alisha, a former staff sergeant in the US Air Force   brings life experience  and "been there, done that" passion to her role as a board member and coach for  YourNexStage, Inc.  A certified professional coach, Alisha serves private clients through Igniting Fire Coaching based on the eastern shore in  Maryland. When she's not at NASA or Ignite, she's raising two nearly adult teenagers and two dogs.  If you're a female veteran and would like to reach out to Alisha, go to Igniting Fire Coaching and sign up at  Your Next Stage Partnership Coaching Session 

John S. Pavlovsky, C.P.A.



Owner of  John S. Pavlovsky, Jr., CPA in Bordentown, N.J. 

John brings a wealth of experience -- most importantly as a highly sought-after board member and nonprofit accountant.  John's practice provides accounting, consult and tax services.  An active community volunteer, John is on the board and Treasurer for Mercer County Community College, a Rotarian, and music officiando.

Tundra Gatewood, CMSgt., USAF (Ret.)



From the Memphis Metropolitan Area, Tundra brings experience at the functional, operational, and strategic levels of the Department of Defense Military Health System.   An independent consultant, community advocate and  PhD student in Human Capital Development, Tundra is  focusing her research on women veterans as well as integration and engagement of veterans into the national workforce. 

John Jorgensen


Educator & Consultant

A Chicago Metro Area HR consultant with over 30 years experience in Human Resources, John has been certified at the highest and most senior levels in the HR profession.  John serves as a volunteer leader with the Society of Human Resource Management at the local, state and national levels. He has also been a mentor and consultant to many HR professionals as well as job seekers at all levels 

Kelly Kaplan


  Founder and CEO

Revive Personal Products Company

A self-described serial entrepreneur, Kelly moved from marketing others’ products to building her own company, Revive Personal Products Company.  Started by buying “lost winners” in the Oral Care and female sexual health and wellness market,  rebranding them, and taking them back out to market,  Revive products include Natural Dentist oral health products, Stim-u-Dent and Fresh n’ Brite, as well as the “Options” line of gynecological products and Wealthy Woman Soy.  

Kate Watson




A dreamer, builder, fixer and consummate generalist, Kate brings more than 30 years experience in public policy and program design, development, and implementation in the private, public and non-profit sectors.  Her passion for meeting the unmet needs of U.S. Servicewomen and women veterans comes as a result of her introduction to these very special soldiers, sailors, airwomen and Marines -- by her own Marine.  

Advisory Board

Kiersten Downs, PhD. USAF Veteran


Kiersten's passion for research, veterans and their families has found new roots as Research Director for ScoutComms,  an Alexandria-based Certified B Corporation committed to  to providing communication and marketing services that support veterans and military families.   Formerly a health services researcher at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in  Tampa, Florida,  Kiersten bring her skills in research and evaluation of  veterans’ experiences with reintegration to both ScoutComms and YourNexStage.  Dr. Downs' current world or work is legions away from her service as a bomb loader for four years in the U.S. Air Force and her four more years as an administrative assistant in a fighter jet squadron in  the New York Air National Guard.  She was deployed overseas three times,  including once to Iraq. 

Rebecca Lorraine, Col.
USAF (Ret.)


Becky is a retired Colonel, retired Family Nurse Practitioner, and a never-to-be-retired military wife and mother.  Subsequent to retiring from the Air Force, rather than pursuing the next degree in a series which includes a BSN and a MS, Becky sought a second Bachelors  studying anthropology,  sociology and gender studies to understand the transition experiences of  post-9/11 women veterans.  She is also investigating how the women-into-combat roles and non-traditional career fields has created a evolution  in the socio-cultural aspects of women veterans. 

Kate Hendricks Thomas, PhD. USMC Veteran


Kate Hendricks Thomas, PhD is a behavioral health researcher focused on the reintegration experience of military women.  A prolific writer, blogger, and researcher, Kate is also the author of   "Brave, Strong, True: The Modern Warrior's Battle for Balance",   "Just Roll With It: Wellness Journal", and most recently,  "Bulletproofing the Psyche: Preventing Mental Health Problems in Our Military and Veterans."  The YNS community anxiously awaits the August/September 2019 arrival of "Invisible Veterans:  What Happens When Military Women Become Civilians Again."  "Dr. Kate" is a nationally recognized woman veteran and occasional spokesperson who resides in DC with her husband, son, and Great Dane. You can find her at

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