Our vision

  ... is to ensure that all transitioning, separated, and retired women past, present and future serving in the US Armed Services are afforded the opportunity to live their post-military life with dignity, work productively, and embrace their military service with pride.   

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Our Mission

... is to build a holistic world-class support service and network where U.S. servicewomen and women veterans are fully empowered to achieve their dreams and goals.   


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Our Goal

 ... is to ensure that every U.S. servicewoman has a female-friendly space and community forum in which to effectively move from the structure, unique culture, and personal impact of their time in service to the

differently structured, nonmilitary culture of the civilian world.

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Our Plan

... is to create a nationwide network of near-base and community-anchored women-centric service centers affording holistic hands-on support to frame, or reframe, and advance the civilian lives of our returning U.S. servicewomen and women veterans. 

plan components - our what

Women-Centric Facilities

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Adjacent to installations, these will be spaces for mingling, talking, studying, learning, childcare, and relaxing.  Space in which to coach, teach, construct, and polish. Spaces for finding and sharing friendship and support.

Community Building Events

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Hosting community building events including career and personal growth workshops: Where Yes and No Don't Mean It,  Networking (When You Hate It), Family Dynamics Now, Cooking for Those Who Can't, and sharing  simple pleasures like movie nights, and cookouts.


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Individual one-to-one relationships, and small groups coaching where coaches listen deeply, empower and inspire, and are judgement-free confidential resources focused on helping Sheroes to discover their personal choices and their next stage.

Education & Training

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Career and skills training workshops  including Writing a Real Resume, Interview Planning and Rehearsals, Employer Presentations, Jobs Skills Training, Education Enrollment Support. 


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Partnering with other Veteran Service Providers, YNS will work in partnership with every available organization, service and company committed to supporting our returning military personnel.

Referral Network

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YNS will be a part of a technologically-integrated service network where each provider meets specific needs.  Sheroes will never walk alone, but will be guided to and through the right network to meet her needs.

our when and where

The need is now ... right now as approximately 20,000 women transition annually from the US military into civilian life.  

YNS is working in partnership with a major academic institution to ensure that our initial launch of a three-year pilot is a record-breaking institution-creating success.  Our partnership involves 

  • the identification of the ideal location (and we do have one in mind), 
  • the creation of quantifiable metrics with which to measure our impact at that location, and
  • the codification and authorship of every policy and procedure required to sustain and expand.  

We fully anticipate that during the pilot, YNS and its partners will undergo academic and clinically valid assessments of the entire YNS program.  While we are intellectually certain of the need for and value of our approach, we are humble enough to learn and hopefully will be gracious with what we learn.  

We are fully aware that funding comes with proof of concept and understand that the planned scope of YNS is unique.  YNS believes that our proposed approach -- holistic, community-based and integrated with other partners -- will be substantially greater than the sum of its parts. We invite all who are interested in investing in a system designed to support our women who serve and who have served this great country to be in touch with us; to contribute to YourNexStage so that we can move our Sheroes to Success.


Long Term Objectives

 Increase the self-identification rate of servicewomen post-separation. 

Notably diminish homelessness, substance abuse, un- and underemployment, and financial insecurity

Increase the public perception of women as veterans at the same magnitude as their male peers. 

What Separates Us

The first and only female-exclusive Center and Network for US Servicewomen

Holistic approach supporting the whole woman

Serving both transitioning and separated military women

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Board of Directors

Althea Green, Ph.D., CSM USA (Ret.)



Tamarra Causley Robinson



Alisha Willis, NASA, USAF Veteran



John S. Pavlovsky



Tundra Gatewood, CMSgt., USAF (Ret.)


John Jorgensen



Kate Watson



Advisory Board

Kiersten Downs, Ph.D. USAF Veteran


Rebecca Lorraine, Col. USAF (Ret.)


Kate Hendricks Thomas, Ph.D. USMC Veteran


fund the dream

 Thank you for your financial support.  Big dreams cost money ... dollars well-invested in securing the next stage for the 20,000 women leaving the U.S.  military each year, joining  over 2 million women veterans. 

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